About us
MoonDrop Co.

The predecessor of MoonDrop is a studio composed of several enthusiasts. It has collaborated in the production of various novel HiFi devices for more than two years. It began to design and develop small earplug headphones in 2014. During this period, it experienced many changes and setbacks. Finally, it established a company in 2015 and began to operate the brand "MoonDrop".

MoonDrop focused on the design and sales of Earbuds at the beginning. With the first product "VX", MoonDrop became an entry-level HiFi headphone brand. Then in 2017, It launched the flagship earbuds "Liebesleid" in the industr
y, and became a famous headphone brand with excellent, unique and high-level research and development, manufacture and sales. In fact, not only earbuds, but also have introduced various types of In-Ear and won good reputation, including the earliest IX with unique shape and good sound quality, and later widely regarded as benchmark works such as Kanas series In-ears with dynamic driver, as well as various kinds of structure such as Blessing, A8, Reference in-ear with BA.

Over the past few years, MoonDrop has grown into a mainland brand with independent R&D and manufacturing system, advanced R&D equipment and theoretical system, complete supply system and operation framework; and the team also insists on Integrating Technology in various fields into the R&D process of new products, and actively explores the application of new technologies, new materials and processes in products. And invest a lot of manpower and capital in order to make unremitting innovation and forge ahead.

At the same time, MoonDrop Company also through investment, acquisition, strategic cooperation and other ways with more enterprises in different sectors of the same industry in different fields to deepen cooperation, in order to open up the vision of common progress, towards a better future.

For Technology

The unremitting pursuit of new technology application and genuine high-quality voice playback has prompted us to invest a lot of money and manpower in R&D. What we are exploring is through the new type of voice playback.
Material and technology are more likely to achieve higher quality sound playback in a real sense than the imposition of technology. So in addition to working with leading material suppliers in the industry
Besides the courage to try new materials and technologies, we have also actively studied advanced international theories and technologies and made more in-depth explorations. To this end, we have built an international foundation.
Quasi-level testing and experimental environment to conduct accurate electroacoustic and physical testing to support theoretical research and product development.